Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Siege: Secret Warriors

I cannot find a better picture, so you people may have to squint to see that one.

This book follows two different stories. One is Captaina nd America and Nick Fury catching up with each other, sinc ethey have not had a team up since Cap's death. The other story is more important. Ever since Siege 2, i'm sure i'm not the only person to have wondered how Alex, Phobos, God of Fear, Son of Ares, God of War, would react to The Sentry ripping him in two. Now, we get that reaction.

I was thrown for a loop when the kid decided to go after the President. The story reason is not so bad. Osborn would not have been in power if the President had not given it to him. So going after the President as the real man who is responsable for the madness in the Marvel world is not that far fetched. However, I don't quite agree with that reasoning. Alex is a child, so don't get me wrong, this is a child's way of lashing out at a situation he had no control over. In the story, though, Ares is as responsable for his death as the President, Norman Osborn, or The Sentry are. All 4 men could be held accountable for this particular death. This leads me to think Hickman is trying to draw attention to the Iraq War, a war started through the office of the Presidency.

I absolutely love the letter Phobos writes to the President at the end of this book. My favorite lines being "You sacrificed honor for expediency. You traded intent for quick action. You were wrong...and we all suffered for it. So, do better now, mortal man...for if not I, then surely some god somewhere will some day find you wanting."

If Jonathan Hickman is indeed echoing the war in Iraq with those lines, then he essentially called W. out, because, surely, W.'s Christian God may find him wanting for starting such a war. But that assumes Hickman believes the War in Iraq to be started for the sake of expediency and quick action, rather than to protect our country's honor or for a true intent.

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