Friday, April 9, 2010

S.H.I.E.L.D. 1

So, hickman messes with Continuity and does a MASSIVE retcon of the Marvel U in this book. However, that is fine considering no one has bothered to really do much with ancient Marvel history outside of the FF, Dr. Doom, and Apocalypse. Really, Hickman is just tapping into an unmined vein of opportunity. Considering the technology that exists in the current Marvel World, why can't we accept that Leonardo DaVinci is the Reed Richards/Tony Stark of the 15th century?

Anyway, Hickman wallows in continuity in this book, but you dont have to be aware of continuity to enjoy this piece. I liked the special guest appearance of Apocalypse and Moon Knight in the ancient Egypt scene, and that was some nice similarities between Imhotep and Captain America.

There is a lot of Cosmic imagery in the book, Night/Day dichotamy, and Heliocentrism. All of it is not explained thoroughly in the first issue, but Hickman has set up a fabulous spread for our visual palettes to enjoy. Dustin Weaver really turns in gorgeous art-work on this book

It would not surprise me if the events and history told in this book begin having an impact on Hickman's other works in Secret Warriors and Fantastic Four. I'd dare say he is carving out a little niche of the universe for himself to play in. There's more that could be shared between this book and Secret Warriors rather than Fantastic Four, given the fact Nick Fury of S.H.I.E.L.D. is featured in Secret Warriors, but I would not be surprised if Hickman takes some of what he has in this book and runs with it in the Fantastic Four. Reed Richards and company have already traveled in time to Ancient Egypt and Doom is not too above using time travel for his own ends, so the events alluded to in this book may be better fleshed out in future FF books. One thing is for certain, though. This book may get me to buy into FF if this is a supposition that pans out to be true.

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