Thursday, April 8, 2010

Spider-Man: Fever 1

Recently I've taken to reading "Essential Doctor Strange Volume 1" and this book compares favorably to those Stan Lee/Steve Ditko comics. Brendan McCarthy's artwork is pleasantly surreal when featuring Doctor Strange.
I was a bit unsure about the plot. As far as I am concerned, the Arachnix were an entirely new entity being introduced into the Marvel world. I tend to not embrace limited stories that don't feature villains I care about, or, rather, I need really good writing to truly keep my interest given my lack of familiarity with the antagonists. I hate mysteries because of that belief.
Right, back to the book. McCarthy does the proper thing in characterizing the Arachnix through the use of curious language at seemingly bizarre moments. Aside from the chanting of "Harrah Harrah" the little droppings of phrases such as "I shall have it with custard" and "It will be such a strange meat" are just sliiiiiightly off base of normalcy in their use. That helps evoke a more alien feeling towards the Arachnix rather than their looks, to me.
On the whole, the book is good. It is a solid beginning to a limited series, and I always welcome more stories featuring Doctor Strange.

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