Thursday, April 1, 2010

Siege books for 3-31

Dark Wolverine 84
Reiterating what I have said before: If you have been reading Dark Avengers and thinking that Bendis, for all the time he spends of dialog, has not really characterized that group of maniacs, then you need to read this book.
Daniel Way is writing some of his best work on this title with Marjorie Liu. I've had no prior introduction to Daken outsid eof this title and his first appearance in Wolverine Origins. Yet, as I read more of these Dark Wolverine books, I'm becomig more and more intrigued by Daken. This is a guy that liks to make everyone around him uncomfortable, it seems, so that it puts him in a power position. It creates, honslty, great scenes of ballsiness, such as deep throating Bullseye, that can shock the reader once they see it.
As a Siege tie-in, the Dark Wolverine books haven't done much. They're fever dreams and imaginary stories Daken is experiencing throughout the Siege. They don't have any real impact on the greater Siege story, which is a shame.
If I could be reading the adventures of crazy-nihilist-aranchist Daken and the Furies, I'd probably keep buying into the book. Right now, though, this 3 part arc has got me intrigued enough to look into the past stories from the year of Osborn's Dark Reign, and I might keep my eyes further on the title. Yet, I'm disappointed that the Furies and Daken as "Menace of the gods" won't be any further explained since Siege is finished next month and Dark Wolverine will be busy with a new story to tell.

New Mutants 11

This is a bit of an ancillary tale to Siege, but, over-all, the story was good.

Norse goddess Hel calls in her mark from Dani Moonstar after giving her the strength to fight Ares back in Utopia, and, really, its not that big of a deal. Now, I'm coming at this with, really, no prior experience of what Hel is like in the Marvel U, but if all she wants Dani to do is pick up some dead spirits, Dani is being, pretty much, a petulant bitch. Really, in the grand scheme of things, Hel doesn't give her a morally difficult, ethically ambiguous job. I honestly have no sympathy for the spot Moonstar puts herself in at the end of the book.

It is good, though, to see Kieron Gillen write more stories involving the Norse Gods. His Thor run is absolutely great and I wil be sad to see him leave Thor. He does a great job characterizing the Norse pantheon through their dialog while in action, and that's what I love most about Gillen. But you also have to tip your hat to Niko Henrichon's art and how much it conveys to the reader. Although, he still has men that look a lot like Jay Leno. Seriously, the chins of the men in his book are always pretty massive.

And, in the end, everything gets reverted to normal. The New Mutants, after-all, need to get hopping into "Second Coming" next month. However, that doesn't do anything to prevent this from being a good stand alone New Mutants story.

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