Friday, February 5, 2010

The 3 humors

Episode 5 of the show comes out tonight, with Ben Levin and Matt Burnett from "For Tax Reasons" on to talk about their animated works.

Meanhile, Joel Hodgson gave an interview about his current cross country extravaganza, Cinematic Titanic, as well as shed lights on why he stepped away from MST3K

Deadpool Team-Up 896
Deadpool Team-Up works so much better when deadpool wanders his way into another character's life. The hook for the series has to be how other Marvel U charcaters interact with a character whose whole existence is based upon causing chaos and breaking the 4th wall. Deadpool should be Deus ex Pinto and should not be driving the stories. He has 2 other titles to be the lead in. In this book, he should take the backseat to his guest stars.
This book does it right. The story is Rocket Raccon clones are being used by a demon truck driver to steal space parts being hauled by U.S.Ace and Deadpool for the demon truck driver's no questions asked trucking company. What was cute about the whole set up is that Stuart moore takes about a page to explain U.S.Ace and his backstory and one to include Deadpool in the shenanigans.
The ridiculousness of the story is where the humor comes from. It has a small amount of fun banter in it, but primarily Deadpool trying to utilize Trucker Speech, with obvious results of mocking the jargon. The big negative is that U.S.Ace is too much the straight man to Deadpool. Ace doesnt acknowledge how ludicrous his own continuity is, and instead comes off more like Dante from Clerks being asked to watch over a retarded child. Perhaps what this book needs is someone to play off Deadpool's humor, not be overwhelmed by it.

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