Thursday, February 4, 2010

Government and media

Not content to interrupt my television watching, Obama wants to sully my internet experience too.

Joking aside, I commend the President on reaching out to a medium that seems populated by apathetic or non-voting age people. I commend the outreach as a way to enhance the political experience for such people and I can say that the cynic in me is not going off on the potential of using planted videos to answer questions. Obviously, screening will be used to prevent any questions that someone could characterize as "Idiotic" being brought before the president (birther related questions spring to mind).

Siege 2
Bendis improves in issue 2, and directs Coipel through a fabulous fight scene between Ares and Sentry.
With 4 issues to tel this story over Bendis' usual 6, I can safely state that we ar egetting a wide screen comic in short form, and that means the paes are PACKED with art by Coipel. Panel count per page is high.
Its nice to see Bob the Sentry finally show himself to be somewhat menacing. But, really, it is kind of too late. I'm going to start worrying, now, though whether this book is meant to be a Sentry book.
And finally, I have to ask a fictional character: Really Norman? Wolverine against Thor. You didn't see the winner of that one?

I like Bill.

Volstagg seems a bit too childish for my liking in this book. I know he's naive about the world, but at times he comes off as if he's mentally retarded and I'm sure thats not what the writers are aiming for.

OK, Volstagg is kind of weird. We know. But hes written better and mor elikeable when he's clueless to girth and how it enhances his fighting prowess. He drinks a lot because hes big. And will not turn down a challenge to do so. He eats a lot because hes big. Not just because he worked up an appetite. Hes hardy because he's big, not just an asgardian. A lot of his appeal comes form the fact he is unconcerned about his girth and more than willing to highlight the percieved advantages of his voluminous size.

Here's he's just plain clueless, and its not really entertaining, just sad. Ben and Bill come off more like they'r ein charge of a man-child and speak as if they pity him more than anything else. Volstagg doesnt need pity. Volstagg needs to hunt.

The other part of the story, featuring the Fox News analog of Todd Keller is slowly building. I hope it doesnt build to a perceivable shifting of opinion in Keller over his stance for Osborn. But I rail against that only becaus eof its predictability. I personally want Keller to remain unrepentently loyal to osborn and then have Ben Urich punch him in the face as Asgard comes falling to the ground around them. ACTION News!

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