Thursday, February 25, 2010

Blackest Night Books for 2-24

Its been a while since I did one of these. Let sstart with Blackest Night from this week.

Blackest Night: JSA 3

Black Lantern Green Arrow

Blackest Night 7

These 3 books exist independently of each other, and outside of the Blackest Night 7 you dont need the other two, which has been the nature of tie-ins for events, now. One which I continue to rail against, alone.

Blackest Night JSA 3 was about the most sane of the books in the series, but I chalk that up to my lack of knowledge of the JSA and the sheer amount of heroes in it. Holy Christ I didn't know what I was getting into. It was a fine wrap up to the series, too, though I wish Alan Scott, the GREEN LANTERN, played a bigger role in it than he did.

Black Lantern Green Arrow contains too many adjectives in its title and our villain, BLGA, is offed in what appears to be the second best option out dispensing with Black lanterns outside of having light...freezing them. OK. I know its bad to nit pick comic science, but if freezing them can work why the hell do none of the Black Lanterns in space freeze solid, too? Isn't space kinda, you know, cold? It must be they have to freeze in ice and thus a lack of water molecules in space prevents them from freezing in the cold depths of the abyss. BTW, freezing is the preferred option of escaping Black lantens in Blackest Night: Batman (freeze yourself) and Blackest Night Flash (freeze them)

Now, for the main event, Blackest Night 7. The rounds on this one tend to be people are disappointed. The white lanterns make their grand entrance and people mostly talk about not being able to beat the bad guy, yet. I will say this, though. Most people express dissapointment in the lack of characterizaton of the deputy lanterns made at the end of Blackest night 6, a valid criticism if all you are buying is the Blackest Night Books. However, you got that charcaterization in the tie-ins throught he months of January and February. So, i give DC editorial the the nod to making some of the tie-ins matter. Mera and Wonder Woman got to shine, slightly, in Blackest Night: Wonder Woman. Atom got a chance to matter in Atom and Hawkman. Blackest Night: Flash delt with Ble Lantern Flash, and Scarecrow got to shine in this book and in Green Lantern 50. This left Lex Luthor to be handled, slightly, in this book, and I dont find a problem with the characterization of Luthor in this. I thought one of the deals with the orane ring is that it is dangerous and can consume its user. I hated the characterization of the orange light just because it set up as a completely irredeemable light and unable to be a motivating factor for good.


I totally called Sinestro being the white lantern :P

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