Thursday, February 11, 2010

Come and knock on my door...

So many days between the posts, let us start with this bit of news.

Now, I remembe rsome time ago mentioning todays youth and how their use of social networking has the potential to go very awry. I'm not immune to this. I friend just about anyone that asks for being my friend on facebook. I also wouldn't give my home address knowing there are about 16 people I have friended that I have no idea who they are.

I never did participae in the teen party scene. Is it that easy to lose track of who is supposed to be in the party? They routinely go over 10 people? If I had know the relatively ease of crashing a party, I'd have surely attended more of them, but that would necessittate that I would even know of any parties, which I did not.

Problems arise for a group of monkeys, when they invite just one guy into their home.
I like Daniel Way's work on Deadpool. I get that this book is a tie in to a future release of Deadpool. This is not the Daniel Way I love. Now, I am one of the few heathens that doon't like monkeys in my comics. Here we have an elite hitman that is actually a monkey, and the tale of how he got that way. Its not funny.
As wacky a premise as a hitman monkey is, this is played way too seriously for everyone involved in the story. Sometimes it has comedic effect. When our hitman human is revived by the group of wild monkeys, he takes to staying in a hot spring with his clothes on. Then proceeds to do karate in the snow in his wet clothes! This isnt played for yucks, though. It's just Clint Eastwood seriousness played by the hitman human and his monkey companions.

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