Thursday, February 18, 2010

Amazing Spider-Man 621

We begin this week's looks at where I left off last weeks. Dan Slott ties most of the loose ends of the Mysterio arc together with this one shot. Spoltighting Mr. Negative, this story features more of a way for Spidey to castrate one of his baddies than one coming out of the woodwork with new, better powers.
This is probably the Slott book I have liked the least given what I've read by him, but that still makes him better than Jeph Loeb or Bendis, IMHO, in terms of enjoyment of the book.
Also, in the story, I just found out MJ knows Spidey's secret ID. Great job OMD/BND! You can tell I haven't been reading spider-man much. in fact I jumped on board with the Deadpool issue, 611.
Not my favorite book of the week, but, then again, my favorite kinda tops the charts in terms of precious insanity in words on the page.

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