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It has been a while since we did some of these.

To beat spam, turn its weapons against it

Lord knows how many messages my home computer must be pumping out. I notice my machine never enters into its screensaver, so I can only assume some sort of evil background program is operating. I also get bounce back messages saying my spam mail my comp is sending cant find certain addresses.

Necrosha X
X-Men Legacy 232

The elements of Necrosha remind me of the first X-Men story I really got into as a child, the Phalanx Covenant. Channeling a future that yet existed in the woe-be-gone days of the early 90s, a malignant technological virus infects people and turns them into borg like beings bent on...spreading their techno-organic virus. Necrosha brings back the virus, this time in the guise of returning dead X-Men characters under the service of an evil leather domme.

This book does nothing to address that story. It tangentially ties into it. It is the McGuffin by which a long dead X villain will make his return, surely to be handled by the end of next issue. Let me address my misgivings with this book, now. I am tired of event tie-ins never advancing the plot of the event. I understand in Blackest Night why that is so. There are actually about 16-24 issues of the thing you need to read. The main book, and the two Green lantern books. The rest is fine to be tangential. Who has enough power to drive story for the 60 some odd issues Blackest night has already worked its way through?

Necrosha X is nothing like this. It is 13 issues of comics. This is part of 3 comics that have nothing to do with the main story. This has no reason to be a tie in. Yet it is. When you have 13 issues of cross-over to explore a story over, you can advance the freaking plot in them all. Its fine. I'm sure 13 issues over 6 months is within anyone's budget of comics.

X Force 23

This is essentially the main story of Necrosha X. Sort of. Once again we get a book that is just retreading ground to stall. The truly meaningful advancement of the story in this is that the X-Men decide they need to take the fight to the previously mentioned leather domme. And by X-Men we mean X-Force, the black ops team. This happens after the 2nd time zombie ex-friends come to the X-Men home and wreck house. The 2nd time!

In general, this whole crossover has been frustrating. It feels as if its moving slower than Blackest night, which is quite a feat since BN had, about, a 4 month jump on this. I should not be bored reading my comics crossovers, and yet I am.

Did I mention the stories for either 2? No, because nothing substansive happens in them that is particularly critical to the plot of Necrosha X that could not have been done in 1/4 to 1/2 the pages. Essentially, this is part of the growing list of complaints against the practice of Decompression, extending a story far more than it needs to be to maximize story, gain a totality of events and provide more dialog, and profitability from the story, by making the issues necessary to purchase the whole story increase from 3 comics to about 6.

Here's the stories.

In X-Men Legacy 232, Professor X's son Proteus comes back to life thanks to the events of Necrosha X and proceeds to possess everyone of the X-Men on Muir Island who were led there by a blind woman with precognative abilities. Magneto has to save the day and begins to do so before the comics ends.

In X-Force 23 Rahne Sinclair is saved when her werewolf boyfriend barters his soul to Norse goddess Hel for X-Force's healer, Elixir, to be raised from near death so that he may heal everyone in the party. The party healer is raised so that the tanks and DPS can be healed. Meanwhile, the encounter goes badly as the CR 10 monsters lay into the PCs and then escape once they grab the item of power they are looking for, a +3 knife that does an extra d10 necrotic damage per hit, leaving X-Force to follow them and take back the magic item so that in the end it can be sold for gold since only Warpath is proficient in knives and he has a better one that does 1d12 damage.

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