Friday, March 12, 2010

Amazing Spider-Man 624

Not a bad book. There's not a lot to mention, critically, about the book. Well written and the story was fine. The reaction is mostly to just the story events.

So, I didn't expect Peter being fired like that. I was betting on "You didn't SAVE me! You took pictures!" Not, "You photoshopped and now you're fired!" It makes sense for JJJ, believe me it does, but it wasn't my first option. Nice to see I can be surprised. Nice way to get your required kick Peter when he's flying high moment, too. Bonus for us not having to see him turn emo and whiny to try and wring out a few more panels of emotionalism.

My real only misgiving over this whole thing is that the impact of Peter being fired from working with the Mayor isn't really that big. Considering he was fielding offers from "Frontline" to be a photogarapher there, it is not as if he's now faced with dire financial straits and no job pospects. I'll expect a fall out of that at some point given Jonah's remark to have Parker blackballed from the news industry. Whether "Frontline" pays heed to Jameson's words or not, I don't know, but that is something that I suspect will have to be brought up in a future issue.

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