Friday, March 12, 2010

Batman and Robin 10

Before "Battle for the Cowl" I was not a Batman fan. I just didn't really want to read the comics. Nothing against Batman. I LOVE "Dark Knight". Then I read Batman R.I.P. Then i got "Battle for the Cowl", "Heart of Hush", "Hush", "The Black Glove". I enjoyed them all. So I started buying into the monthlies. Then I started getting kinda frustrated. I figure the cause was that in "Batman" and "Streets of Gotham" there's about 6-7 plots hanging out there to address in a shared universe. Sometimes it seems the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing. Plus, and this is purely my perception, Batman isn't really being a great detective in these books. And what I mean is that the actual detective process in these books is so stripped down and seemingly cast aside to get to the action sequences that they become distracting, confusing, and unsatisfying.

Now, for the first few issues of this book, I figured Grant Morrison was at least paying less lip service to the detective work Batman does and highlighted more of the action. I was fine with it. No clumsy investigative scenes. Then, this book pops up and Morrison choreographs a delightful detective sequence. He engages the reader and moves from point A to B to C and plays them out. Meanwhile, we get, as a way to fill the time of Dick Grayson deciphering clues with Damien's conflicting thoughts of what would happen if Bruce Wayne were to return to become Batman. The flashbacks to Damien's past serve as a way to break up the investigative sequences and foreshadow conflict to come.

I also now demand Oberon Sexton gets his own mini, or backup.

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