Thursday, March 25, 2010

Green Lantern 52

I'm going to put it out there: this book really didn't do much for me.
Now, it has some nice extras in it for those that want a complete story. The threat of Xanshi is resolved. We get a peek at all the different embodiments of the colored corps. Geoff Johns also gets to provide his take on the whole creation of the DC Universe.
One problem I have with this is that, given that Johns has to write this book so that it is completely unnecessary for a reader to pick up if they are only buying the Blackest night event book, the book kinda moves in a circle. Where the book started is about the point the books ends.

A second problem I feel the book has is that its kinda falling beneath its own weight. I can buy complete darkness and silence in the world before the white being showed up. I get that. Then the reader is told that the white being made Earth. Then the reader finds out all the different colored entities of the corps: ion, parallax, etc, are all mutated animals from earth themselves. That doesnt quite jive, I guess, with some things. Is a flying bug really the first thing to feel fear? No protozoic sea bugs or fish? And while I find the attempt at using the serpent from The Garden of Eden cute for the being of avarice, do we have to throw in some biblical creation stories as well into this? Plus, I'm sure the serpent didn't eat the apple, and I'm an avowed Atheist. Is Johns simply hinting at the serpent's part in getting Adam and Eve to eat the apple, without showing the two? Having that question just leads me into what I'm seeing with all of these references. Johns has just made a muddled mess of various creaton tales and what it does is make inconsistencies that I have to spend time deciphering how all the pieces fit together and that really takes me out of the story.

The wrestling equivalent of this is the show before a Pay per view. That's known as the "going home" show. Well, this is the going home book and while it sets up Blackest Night 8 to be, possibly, a slobber knocking fight book, this book does more to set up future arcs than truly resolve anything in the Blackest Night event.

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