Thursday, March 4, 2010

Ultimate Comics Avengers 5

The big knock on this book is going to be the consistency at which it comes out, which is completely inconsistent. When the advertsement for th enext issue is supposed to be for 04/14/2010, I'd believe itd be the 4th day fo the 14th month of the year that we see issue 6.
Despite late releases, it remains a pretty ypical Mark Millar Ultimates book, which slots it in its own respective "good" category. The dialog is full of bravado, grandstanding, and machismo. If right wing reactionaries want a Captain America that is theirs, they should turn to this book instead of worrying about bleeding hearted 616 Cap.
Pacheco's art is great, but it should be given how long the waits between books are for him to get his art in.
Finally, just a rhetorical question regarding comic book science. If the Red Skull is a guy who cut his own face off with a knife, did it hurt like crazy to get a tatto placed on what is essentially muscle and scabbing?

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