Thursday, March 18, 2010

Siege Books for 3-17

Dark Avengers 15
I've stated that I do not mind flashback sequences that are tie-ins as long as they reveal something new to the story. The ones I dispise are the ones that just fill in gaps that could easily be filled in by the reader. This book is a case of the former, not the latter. That said, the reveals really just trivialize one of the better mysteries of Osborn's ability to secure power as leader of "The Cabal". I don't mind spoiling this because, really, Bendis just as well threw away the reveal in a flashback sequence. The Void was Osborn's ace in the hole to keep "The Cabal" in line.
The issue now tries to fill in some of the holes left in the Siege: the Cabal one-shot. Last issue Bullseye was placed in charge of killing The Sentry's wife, and he goes about that mission. I do not see the need to address this particular plot thread other than the fact it extends Bendis' story another month. As far as I knew, I was cool just thinking The Sentry was insane, like he has been patterned to be since his first appearance. I don't need to see that, now, his wife's dead since it has not been brought up or mattered AT ALL in the Siege event. The only reason this needs to be addressed is if, at some point, her spirit comes back to wreck vengeance as a 3rd Ghost Rider or Bendis is taking apart everything that is tied to the existence of The Sentry in preparation for the character's death and leaving no loose story ends behind.

Siege: Embedded 3
Crazy Glenn Beck representation goes crazy in this issue. By the way, this is a GOOD tie-in. No flashbacks, some action, and we get a spotlight on characters that we know are around during this event, but can't have time devoted to them in the main book.

Siege 3
No joking, this book was awesome. Great one-liners coming from Evil Ms. Marvel, "Well I sure as @#$% saw this coming." A cool fight between Thor and The Sentry. Play by play by Obama and Robert Gates, and Osborn's Green Goblin face paint. Olivier Coipel pays attention to detail by making sure Norman has two rows of teeth around his mouth, one for the face paint, the other for his real teeth. That is dedication to making good art.
I'd, perhaps, be a bit more worried over the arrival of The Void if it wasn't for me delving into my back issues of New Avengers and re-reading the story where the heroes of the Marvel U fought The Void before. It kind of cuts down on the drama, there, no matter how many gods he kills.

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