Friday, March 19, 2010

Doomwar 2

Issue 1 was a hoot for me and issue 2 of Marvel's comic book adaptation to Kissinger's idea of Realpolitik keeps on trucking along just fine.
I am thoroughly enjoying this type of Doctor Doom than some of the others. This is one that is not driven by revenge or slights agaisnt his personage. This Doom is a political thinker and Machiavellian manipulator. The only thing off putting about him is his use of a gun, which seems suplerfuous given the number of lasers his armor houses. So, really, the only gripe I have about Doom is that he's misuing his armor. Personality wise, this flavor of Doom is the best one I have tasted yet. The ending is a bit confusing but given the rest of the story, that's a small complaint since I am aware that the ending will be better hashed out come issue 3. Something tells me it will be along the lines of Doom proving his purity by being merciful.

The only thing I wish differently, now, is if the book just did not have the Dora Milaje story. I figured that once the Desturi leader was killed in issue 1 that the X-Men-T'Challa-Shuri forces would defeat the Wakandan-Desturi and Doombot army. Instead of the panels and pages devoted to the Dora Milaje, more of a spolight could have been placed on T'Challa.

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