Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Back at the office...

Wallace Woodford was summoning a storm. Catherine Faber could hear objects bouncing off the walls. The door to Woodford’s office would rattle and creak as it almost blows off its hinges. Wallace had a habit of generating tornados in localized areas when angered. Catherine moved to keep her head down to her desk, sitting behind her Guttenberg Moveable Type-Writer among the remainder of the Sunderville Alarm’s writing pool.

The door could not continue to resist the active forces behind it. It flies off its hinges and papers, plants, and pencils fly burst out of the room. Photographer Martin Hines comes tumbling out of the room. Wallace marches out of his office afterwards, swearing and pointing an accusatory finger at Hines. “Entirely tedious Hines! These pictures don’t pop! All you got is a chimp with a smile and a hand out. It doesn’t even talk! Why couldn’t you have it dressed up in a suit or something! Outfit it in imperial military dress. Make it look like this Ape is from our future, and our future is murderous soldiers who subsist on a diet of plantains!”

This is a re-do on my introduction to Catherine Faber, her surly editor Wallace Woodford, and Peter Parker simulacrum Martin Hines. Tried to give the introduction more pop by mentioning a literal tornado being called forth behind Wallace's closed doors.  

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