Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Two for Tuesday

Inside the abandoned warehouse, Moxy examines the mysterious steel ball. At the top of the object is a small hatch.Upon opening the hatch Moxy can make out that the interior is entirely mirrored. "Aw hell." he mutters under his breath.

Jason Raines from the Advanced Geometric Institute joins Moxy an hour later to confirm what Hannibal fears most. Jason's advanced mathematical skills can precisely calculate most objects area to the tiniest fraction. But his sense of precision are confouning him. "Hannibal, this thing is coming up as a perfect sphere. I haven't stopepd calculating Pi to the 200th decimal. How can someone construct such a thing? For what purpose?"

Hannibal can only posit. "Magic and Metalurgy to create a perfect sphere. Inside, the sphere is mirrored. It was once believed a mirror is your reflection in another world. An alternate you in another time. Meta-scientifically, this is the 5th dimension. The existence of multiple timelines existing side by side each other. If geometric 2D planes can cross each other to form polygons, then a 3D object is the intersection of multiple planes in space. If the 4th dimension is a timeline, then the 5th dimension is a time plane, and the 6th dimension is 3D time. Mirrors only operate on planes, so to access multiple timelines you need to be in 3d time space, thus the sphere."

Raines stares bewildered at Moxy. "What now?"

Moxy simply states, "Time travel through dimensional planar hopping. That's how our thief was able to nab those jewels and leave without a trace. Once he hops into the perfect sphere, he has access to an infinite number of alternate dimensions and can use magic to cross back and forth between worlds. Each point in the sphere is another timeline he can insert himself into. If he finds the right point in the sphere, too, he may be able to move back and forth on his own timeline. Theoretically it means nothign though. Each pint in time in 3d time is the convergence of several timelines. so anythign he does to alter the future just shifts him int another timeline. Dammit. Blow it up Raines."

Jason asks incredulously, "You're kidding right?"

Moxy sighs, "I was hopping I wouldn't have to run after him and get stuck in some dimension where ants are pets kept on farms or something equally as crazy. To pinpoint the exact spot in the spehre our friend ran to is ludacrously difficult. If I'm off by a fraction of PI, I'll go tumbling into a world our culprit hasn't visited. Or worse, on the return, I may never make it back here. Bad enough if an evil twin is somewhere doing this same thing and exits the sphere just as I leave through it."

"Odds of that?" asks Raines.

"Better than your mom being celibate tonight." replies Hannibal.

Ok. I have no idea where this is going except i needed to jot this down to actually mold into a better story. I like this idea from Edogawa Rempo's short story on what it must look like to be in a spherical mirror. I just comined it with my own mad thoughts on what the 4th, 5th, and 6th dimension must represent, and threw some grade school one-liners, and out pops this menagerie.

Wacky super science moment. What if Archimede was still alive in this world, and he's kept in a room where he must continue to speak the next number in the sequence of Pi, and that's how this world with no computers was able to do that?

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