Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Refinign the background: The death of Colmaya and the beginning of the universe

The death of a God is common. A lot of religions feature the dramatic death of some sort deity. The native people of the Sunderton Valley had their own story.

Gorin extended his hand into the darkness of the night. When we withdrew his hand, he held a fading green star. He fashioned it into a spear. With this dying star he would slay his enemy Colmaya. The dark green light would not be easy to spot in the darkness of the unborn universe. Gorin launched his celestial weapon into Colmaya. The God would die from his wound and his corpse became the earth. The gouge in his body would become The Valley. The starlight spear would remain lodged in Colmaya, and become the first tree. Gorin, unsure if a God could truly die, circled above Colmaya’s carcass, always watching the corpse with one of his two eyes, the Sun or Moon. Colmaya’s blood poured from his wounds, giving us water.

Gorin was wise to watch Colmaya’s body. The God did not truly die. His life essence was sundered by the force of Gorin’s star spear, creating the many diverse species of life. All living things were once part of the soul of Colmaya. The indigenous tribes of The Valley feared Gorin’s retribution. His all seeing eyes would find them and finish the job he started at the beginning of time.

Gorin would fashion a race of people out of his own pale skin. He deposited them on the other side of Colmaya’s body. Gorin commanded them to conquer the people of The Valley. These were the Europeans.

I am actually pretty proud of this one. It is rather daunting, creatively, to think of creating a Genesis story. Should I use any real material? How much real material would I use? How much do I explain? Does it sound too ridiculous? You always kind of worry about that. I believe I did a rather good job with this, though. Cooke dit all up from scratch. I was not looking to take away from any current myths/stories. I know, though, I can spot some Cain and Abel in this. Maybe a hint of Aztec w/ the names. I'm sure the idea of a few others might be spotted in this, though through no intention of my own.

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