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Comics for August 17, 2010

It must mean I have nothing new to add to the budding story. Lets look at what literature I bought this weeks.

Justice Society of America #42
I had a cousin ask me how I can jumble aroudn the 20-30 comic book storylines I must follow every month. I tell him it is rather easy as long as the story is entertaining. He asked me what if I don't remember it. I told him "Then, I drop the book." I'm getting in that zone with this JSA/JLA crossover, right now.

Want more reason than that? All I can say is that I don't care for what James Robinson is doing in this crossover. If I can't be bothered to mentally file away the previous month's books, then I can't be bothered to buy this book. BMB was getting like that with me on New Avengers, but I probably blame that on his penache to not write in chronological order. Reading Avengers during the whole Secret Invasion story was just a pain. Especially when I didn't know until 3 months into the event that it was going on.

Hulk #24
Ed McGuinness draws beautiful Hulks. Meanwhile, I can't help but marvel at the difference in attitude in Bruce Banner between Pak's writing and Loeb's. I'm not qualifying it, I'm just drawing attention to Pak's Bruce Banner who wants to wholly deny the Hulk versus Loeb's more responsably reluctant Hulk. Loeb's Banner definitely embraces his Hulk more than Pak's does.

Shadowland: Daughters of the Shadow #1
I was pretty entertained with this Colleen Wing book. I was wondering what happened to her when she didn't show up in Blood on the Streets.

Shadowland: Power Man #1
Before buyign this I was pretty much willing to give anything by FVL a try. After this, I'm still willing to give anything FVL writes a try.

The New Avengers #3
When Bendis seems to bring a group of people together everyone speaks in the same voice. His ability to wield dialog does not shine until he has to focus on just one charcater, like Iron Fist in the white room.

Darkwing Duck #3
Sad to see Taurus Bullba be the big bad. Needs more Negaduck.

Brightest Day #8
I have a fist pump for Hawkman. I'm hoping the book is making a turn from its directionless beginning issues. Now, at least, the issue of the new Martian is being addressed, and it seems Black Manta will also, finally, be given some more time in the next book. Plus, I didn't have to read any more of Firestorm or Aquaman's whining.

Deadpool #26
This book did not seem to be 22 pages long. It felt like 12. Now I have to decifer if it was really needed. It just gives me this feel like Way painted himslf into a corner, storywise, with the last issue and had no way to resolving the fact Deadpool has a 9-5 job as a hero in Vegas in a really entertaining fashion. Yes, I'm saying this book was not entertaining. After a short fight with Ghost Rider there is another rehashing of Deadpool's origin, and that means another person's interpretation of the origin's of Wade Wilson. If Deadpool was actually a charcater that people hung onto every continuity bump in his past, like Wolverine's, he'd have as confusing an origin as Hawkman. So, thanks, Daniel, for giving us another story in the origin of Wade Wilson. It is not like you couldn't have filled the book up with a longer, funnier fight against Ghost Rider.

Uncanny X-Men #527
I don't have much to say about this except that the art is terrible.

Green Lantern Corps #51
This issue really revels in deaths. It is kind of sad to say that. i know I've had problems with the Alpha Lanterns as charcaters because I generaly don't like reading about people giving up their humanity to do a job. So, if this is the reaction that the GL writing teams has been trying to evoke since the introduction of the Alpha Lanterns, it has been accomplished. I just wish it did not have to involve so much death, as well.

Averngers Academy #3
This has been a remarkable book. I just kind of wish Gage did not lay the teenage skepticism/sarcasm/rebelliousness on so thick. It makes characters like Hazmat, Finesse, and Stryker unlikeable, to me, and when he confirms their attitudes towards the way the heroes treat them, it makes the academy heads seem like clueless buffoons.

Sad face :( for turning Speedball into a cutter.

Thunderbolts #147
And here we now see that basic title crossovers are trying to make it so that you don't have to buy the other books in the crossover to get a complete story. I really find that rather annoying.  

DV8: Gods and Monsters #5
My favorite of the week. Then again, I was solidly in the tank for Warren Ellis' DV8 run in the mid 90s. This issue was a bit different than the others as it spotlights on two charcaters instead of one. Also, Brian Wood juxtaposes the fates of the two characters as they satisfy different roles in the tribe that kidnapped both of them. Sublime is elevated into the status of a goddess, while Evo is demoted into the status of carnival freak. I guess if you wanted to show that not everyone was happy being on the mystery world, someone had to get picked on, and, really, Evo is a bit of a whipping boy for the whole team. Just another solid book in "High School Drama with Caveman Armies".

Fables #97
Another solid book. And, hopefully, this spells the end of the nearly year long diversion from the looming threat of Mr. Dark.

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