Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A raw background of the city

Padlmanque took a dull star from the heavens, and fashioned it into a spear to stab his enemy, and uncle, Comaxa. Its green light was not bright enough to spot in the darkness of the time before the rising of the sun. Padlmanque stabbed at Comaxa, thus forming the Earth. Padlmanque circles above the bloated corpse of his fallen family member as the moon, remainig vigilant should he rise. This star became the first tree, the gouge in Comaxa’s flesh became The Valley, and as water, Comaxa’s blood, seeped from his numerous wounds, life took hold and spread. The barbarous people of the mountain ranges believed that one day Padlmanque would see how his uncle cheated death, to spread his essence amongst all living things, and resolve to finish the job. According the the tribes of the Valley, Padlmanque fashioned a race of man out of his own pale skin, deposited them on a side of the Earth where no green existed, and bid them to conquer in his name. These were the first Europeans when they encountered the mountain valley tribesmen.

A dedicated order of Shamans from a splinter tribe of savages were said to use their natavistic magic to feed the spirits of nature inside the valley. Comaxa’s essence infused all life in the valley to have a resiliance to the elements unheard of during the times. Extreme heat and cold were a slight annoyance. People could withstand winds of hurricane force magnitudes. They could copulate and procreate in times no where near resembling the normal periods of gestation for their counterparts. Thus the wars began, as the people of Europe had to contend with a Native population that was hardier and able to replenish population quicker than them. They huddled agaist the mountain sides of the Valley, and resolved to let the savages of this area live as they wished.

Nestled against the walls of this deciduous valley, the town of Everton housed a population that sustained itself through trade of woodland wildlife furs for consumer goods from the east coast. Eventually, the people of Everton came to mingle with the people of the Comaxa Valley and both cultures assimilated into one. Once the gateway to a barren spiritual hellscape, Everton would become the ambassador of Man’s integration into a more natural world.

The mighty Gods of industry united in order to destroy the sprawling, luscious, green valley and its City. Railways were constructed alongside the mountains of the valley. In order to provide amenities to the people of the growing city f Everton, a source of power would need to be developed. Construction began on a particular mountain top, the creation of the great geothermic power dome on one of the mountains. Powerful mages were summoned to forcefully activate volcanic activity within the structure. Upon completion of their task, Everton could channel the rage of the natural furnace to power any sort of the new and fantastical contraptions being constructed every day. Lights for the city, Underground sewage disposers, pumps for water, etc. This act was known as ate sundering, the time where the people of the valley forsook their original animalistic faith for that of the Industrial magnates. Everton became Sunderville. Yet, with such advances came the inevitable backlash of using such methods to tame the wilds. The lights of the city’s streets gave off a peculiar residue that wafted into the air, causing even the brightest of days to resemble twilight. People described seeing inside the city to resemble like trying to see through a haze, or, in some locations, look into a burning fog. At nights, the moon and stars could no longer be seen. The power of the magic underground turned the land around Sunderville into a charred, blackened thing. Water pumped into the city had the taste of ash. The forest gave the city a wide berth, allowing for the expansion of numerous new districts into the valley below.

Immediate thoughts on writing this; I need to find a better conclusion. I need to flesh out a lot more of the ideas of the story fo the two gods fighting. I know I'm leavng out something, and I cant shake the feelign that what I wrote is thoroughly boring.

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