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Comics for August 11, 2010

Incredible Hulk #611
I want to, first, comment on how this crossover was organized. For 6 months you could avoid having to pick up both books, Incredible Hulk or Hulk. The crossover did not hinge on you reading both books. Honestly, I don't enjoy crossovers built like that. Each month I'd pick up two books that had no direct tie to each other. Any information I learned in one book I could not completely transport to the other. I guess I like it when my crossover books operate similar to "Second Coming". Each chapter advanced the story and you had to read each book to get the whole story.

The theme of family resonated strongly in me from this book. I enjoyed how the heroes in WWH, essentially, relive bad memories of the past while hulking out. We all knew how the Hulk's mind worked before, though, and where his rage comes from. What was nice was the story about Banner's relationship with his dad and how it is an analogy for how Hulk and Skaar interact shifts the representation of Banner's father between Hulk and Skaar and shows how a fractured mind can interpret events through memory and constantly assign new roles to people given the relativety of the current situation.

Finally, Pak's afterward was a great send off to this whole event.

Birds of Prey #4
Even Hank Hall is tired of Brightest Day, now.

Daredevil #509
Here we have the Siege/Blackest Night way of doing a crossover. There's the main Shadowland title, and then the tie-ins act as satellites that fill in small gaps in story in the prior book. Nice to see Typhoid Mary is all aboard the Matt Murdock Ninja Express.

Shadowland:Blood on the Streets #1
My thoughts as the story goes on: Who's the Shroud? Wheres Paladin? Misty Knight really doesn't want to do work. Where's Paladin? That strip club is really going to hurt themselves in the long run w/o the Lesbian demographic. Where's Paladin? More Shroud! :(

Oh, there's Paladin :)

Justice League: Generation Lost #7
At least Rocket Red is funny.

Ultimate Avengers 3 #1
3rd panel on page 3, Blade looks like Professor X, as played by Wesley Snipes.

Titans #26
Oh god why do I have to be such a completionist. I really jut hate everyone on this team. Deathstroke is MIA most of the time. Osirirs is just Superboy Prime. I really can't wrap my head around the motivation of Cinder and her volcanic Va Jay Jay. Penitent suicide, I guess? Ink is whack. And I'm really not digging Cheshire's newfound conscience. Specifically, its just the way she is acting. I can believe she has a newfound love of life with the death of her daughter, but I'm just not believing her entire new personality or the way she is carrying herself. Example: The bottom three panels on the page where Arsenal joins the team. I believe panels 1-2, I've read enugh to know she's the kind of person to revel luring someone into a false sense of security. Then she shows remorse in the last panel. Honest remorse. That does not jive with what I expect from that character. Her personality is all over the place and genuinely schizophrenic, to me.

X-Men #2
From what I've been seeing from Scott SUmmers since Utopia, just taking the approach of "Ressurect Dracula to deal with the current problem, and we'll deal with Dracula later." doesn't, again, jive with what I've seen from him already. I'd honestly believe, "Resurect Dracula and don't worry, I got a plan to deal with him afterwards." It is weird when Blade becomes the voice of reason in a book.

Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors #1
It is a start. Lets see where it goes. Attrocitus' skull wall, though, is pretty sweet.

Dark Wolverine #89
Remender writes this crossover so much better.

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