Thursday, July 29, 2010

Comics this week

No new content for the bizarre Novel-in-not-making, but at least I can try to critique and hone my words against my comic purchases this week.

Justice League: Generation Lost #6
The most impact this comic will have on anything is if it gets thrown at your head. I hated this thing since page 4 when it started veering off towards being a flashback. You know when this book would have been great to print? Issue 2. Just after the events it references happened in issue #1.

Oh, spoiler alert, Captain Atom knows Maxwell Lord is going to cause trouble. For fuck's sake. That is the premise of the damn book. Max Lord is a bad guy and only the JLI redub can save the world. Why the hell do we need a whole issue devoted to this startling realization when the entire premise of the book is that?

Green Lantern #56
I kinda like Green Lantern. I mean as a character concept. However, Hal Jordan is a humongous dick. Way to go Geoff Johns for ruining Christmas for anyone reading this book.

The book is just fine. I really liked it. Then again, I like Larfleeze. He is a delightfully simple minded character that expresses how difficult someone unaccustomed to our forms of etiquette and behavior can have in adjusting to our world.

Franken-Castle #19
God I love this book.  If you happen to be following the crossover, though, go ahead and witness the difference in attitude and demeanor for Daken between Daniel Way and Remender. It is quite startling. If this signals anything, it is that Daken is a weak character, right now. I get that writers should put their own spin/voice in a character, but the differences between Way's version's of Daken and RR's version is too drastic to chalk up to creative license. I prefer Way's version.

The Flash #4
Oh good lord this was a fun book. For anyone that truly enjoyed the Batman 60s TV series, this book is about the closest you will get to a mainstream super-hero book emulating that style. The presentation is far from camp, sure, but the over-the-top ridiculous antics of the characters work well in the setting. I squeeled with glee upon reading the Rogue's big plan is a giant mirror from the Mirror Master engraved with the words, "In Case The Flash Returns Break Glass". It is so outrageously cheesy and in step with the way Geoff John's portrays the Rogue's as about as dangerous as a college fraternity rather than a league of super-villains.

World War Hulks: Spider-Man vs. Thor #2
Best comic of the week and I only enjoyed half the book. For the better part of half a year Kieron Gillen has written the best Thor I have ever read. He has taken the basic character flaws for both Spider-Man and Thor and shown us how the power of the Hulk kicks those character points up a few notches. Then, he shows us why these people are heroes, despite these flaws.

This book is fabulously funny, too. Favorite line, hands down, is "We must be friends and brothers. And never again let Diplodocus make us fight."

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