Wednesday, July 21, 2010

DND Adventure Idea : The Art of War

PCs must stop a conquering horde and their leader from destroying a good kingdom. The PCs must bring down an advanced force led by an Elite General.

Their foe has wrote the book on warfare, however. The adversary has spies and saboteurs spread throughout the good kingdom, ready to begin a shadow campaign that could cause the good kingdom to crumble before it has time to mobilize.

Soon, heroes begin to learn their enemy knows more about them than they could believe. Now, they must do the same against this awesome rival. The heroes must unearthe everything they can on this unseen master of war.

Once they know their enemy, the heroes must begin planning for war. Understanding their enemy allows them to plan to defend against his best strategems. The heroes organize the good kingdoms defense, and wait for an opening.

Once an opening presents itself, the heroes must attack, and rain down fury against the Master of War.

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