Friday, July 23, 2010

A NEW Jane Eyre! For the 2000s!

When I got this email, I immediately thought of that horrid book:

Dear Beloved,

I am sure this mail would be coming to you as a surprise since we have never met before and you would also be asking why I have decided to chose you amongst the numerous internet users in the world, precisely I cannot say why I have choosen you but do not be worried for I come in peace and want you to me to help me accomplish my last wish . As the island of Haiti experience a major earthquake struck, I will like to use this last chance to help as a philanthropist .

Before I move further, permit me to give you a little of my biography, I am Lady Rita Ratnavale, 78 Years old woman and the wife of Sir Ratnavale, Victor, dual citizen of Switzerland and Britain who died in a Plane crash on Monday the 7th of September 1998 GMT 14:22 UK alongside with my daughter while they were flying from New York to Geneva. Please see site below for more information.

After the death of my husband I became the Head of his investment and now that I am old and weak I have decided to spend the rest of my life in my Ranch before i finally leave the world, but before the death of my husband we had a plan to use the last days of our lives to donate half of what we have worked for to the less privileged and charity homes and the other half for ourselves, family members and close friends, and it is so unfortunate that my husband is not alive today to do this with me and I am very weak and old now, hence I have decided to do this philanthropic work on behalf of my late husband.

Presently, I have willed out almost half of our assets to several charity homes and to some of the less privilege in different countries. Despite the agreement between my late husband and I to give aid to the deprived, we also agreed to render support to an individual we have not meet before in life due to the fact when we were still young in life we received an anonymous help from an individual we did not know and which we were never able to identify,the impact we got from such a gesture made us to do same.

I am sorry to inform you that you will never have the chance to know me because I have just concluded the assignment which my husband and I have agreed upon before his sudden death and you happened to be the beneficiary of our last will. hence I need you to do me a favour by accepting our offer and using it to help the poor in Haiti.

I deposited a check in the sum of ?2.400,000.00 (Two Million Four Hundred Thousand British Pounds) with DHL UK one week ago to deliver to you, but i was very ill so i could not send you an email until today. what you have to do now is to contact the assigned dispatch officer Mr Jim Brown as soon as possible to know when they will deliver your package to you.

For your information, I have paid for the delivering Charge, Insurance Premium and Clearance Certificate Fee of the Cheque showing that it is not a Drug Money or meant to sponsor Terrorist attack in your Country all you have to send to him is the payment for the security keeping fee of 250Great British Pounds ($389USD)

So what to do with this? Did Sir Ratnavale get his money through Nazi Gold? Why did their plane crash (don't cheat and read the news aricle!) Has Lady Rita attempted to prolong her life through siritual means, and if she has not, would she begin to reclaim her money if she decided to? What of the path of the money? Suppose I write a story where it is real  money, who would follow along the trail of money to YOUR house? Terrorists? The Real Owners of the Money? Nazis? Just what sort of demonic pact would you be signing if you took Lady Rita's illicit gains? This demands to be done!

So seriously. What kind of story would anyonoe here write about this?

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  1. Closing the laptop computer while sipping a morning cup of coffee inside the Maitre' Bean, the irredeemable Bronson Suarez understands why Lady Rita would choose him amongst all users of the internet to recieve her money. Bronson could reunite all her money and claim the title of Lord Constanza. The Ratnavale's were the last of this forgotten family, and, if not for the frasilties of her mortal form, Lady Ratnavale would be the first Lady of Costanza in over 3 score and decade since the title disappeared into the fog of the Second World War.

    It would take a thoroughly ruthless, unscrupulous man to do such a job as reuniting Lady Ratnavale's money under one house, again. Suarez stood up from his coffee house table, laptop in hand, and set off.

    As the door closed Jessee Favre walked out of the men's room, only to discover someone had drunk his morning coffee and walked out of the shop with his computer.