Thursday, July 22, 2010

Deadpool #25

This week was chock-a-block full of comics to buy. I could go on about how boring X-Factor #207 was or how excited I was to read a Taskmaster story by Fred van Lente that mentions a Taskmaster ongoing (Coming in September) in Age of Heroes #3. However, there was only one book on my mind and its not even because I thought it was great (it was servicable).

My odyssey to find a .jpg of this week's cover to Deadpool #25 led me down memory road to the last time a "Deadpool" comic reached #25, which was the end of the 25 issue "Mithras" arc of Joe Kelly's, and becoming the last great thing Joe Kelly has written until "I Kill Giants"

Anyone who has read Deadpool over the past 9 months may recognize this plot. Deadpool is attempting to be a hero. He finally gets a chance to, but those plans go south as Deadpool finds out he has to sacrifice his reputation, and all he has built up towards being a hero, in order to truly be one.

I have no idea if Daniel Way was trying to sum up the greatest Deadpool arc with his own twist of limon (the active ingredient in Sprite), but the fact that we may have capped the quest by Deadpool to becoming a hero on the same issue number as the end of the "Mithras" arc is a hell of a coincidence.

Digging deeper into my fantasy realm, I would love to pick Way's brain on whether this three issue story has been his attempt to put his own spin on the past 7 years of Marvel books. Deadpool apes "Secret Invasion" by pretending to be Weasel in his power armor. Way channels "Dark Reign" by using his opportunity as Wild Card/The House to team up with The Grizzly in order to rob the money vaults of Las Vegas. "Siege" gets a nod as Weasel must charge headlong into Las Vegas in order to defend it from the titular character and reclaim his glory.

As I wrote earlier, this is not a particularly great book. However, it was one which I felt I could talk about and not just be excited and pee on the carpet for like I did over DV8 #4.

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