Tuesday, July 20, 2010

You Wouldn't Expect It...

But I am still quite alive. However, The Popmedia Primecast is not. So, Me and Dusty have decided to part ways creatively. If you would think about it, though, getting 6 months out of a hour and a half long commercial radio show with 45-60 minutes of content devoted to the comic book medium on AM radio in South louisiana is a hell of a feat. Hooray for me.

Now, It is on to othr things. Writing more, specifically. I'm making a check list right now.
1-Write on this damn blog
2-Go to Lafayette "Drink and Draws" and mingle with the artists.
3-Get adventures published for D&D 4th Edition
4-Write a novel
5-Write for Marvel


  1. I'm sorry to hear about the demise of the show, but I look forward to more cool blog posts. Best of luck!

  2. Thanks ;) It is nice to know someone is out there paying attention.