Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Sigmund Treasure Horde (A new prelude?)

"It was during the dead of night, around 6:00 pm" Andersson Sigmund recalled to the reporter. "I was wrenched out of my thoughts by the appearance of light in the distance."

Andersson Sigmund deigned to live away from civilization. He is secure in his isolation in the area of Uppsala. It has been mentioned that the area shares a bond with the gods of the old Norse. Uppsala was a fabled home of Odin. Magic has the potential to be strong in this area. The winters in Scandinavia don't leave much to do but allow the imagination to wander. Brutally cold temperatures and near constant darkness throughout the day keep most people inside.

Sigmund breathes in deeply. he attempts to compose himself as he continues with his story. "There wasn't any sound. Just this shining light, like a light bulb. Except it looked purer. It is bizarre to think of light as healthy and strong."

Curiosity was better than quiet contemplation, at the moment. Sigmund dressed himself for the elements, then opened his door. The weather outside was still. The wind stopped howling across the fields, momentarily. From his front door, Andersson could tell the light was not coming from just outside his house, but into the woods where he gathered fire wood. "It was as if the light responded to how far my vision could determine its source. If I didn't look directly at it, or see down where it was coming from, the intensity of the light out the corner of my eyes was almost blinding. The light wanted me to follow its path. As long as I never strayed form it, my body felt safe from the winter environment."

Sigmund would follow the light into a clearing about 2 miles form his home. In the clearing, he felt as if he was surrounded on all sides by the light, but it was not so intense as to cause him to shut his eye. "It looked as if the light was just acting as illumination, just like a fire lamp would brighten up a room."

Sigmund's eyes adjusted to the illumination. Within seconds he could easily survey his surroundings. The light brought many features into focus. "I could see scratch markings into the ground. not fresh. But the way the light bounced off the ground, you could see that this soil was not meant to be there. I began to dig in the spot."

Within minutes he found the first golden coin. Time had tarnished it, but the mystical light in the clearing helped Andersson see what it was. Digging and looking further into the ground, he found more coins. Then iron weapons. Eventually, he was able to exhume a ship. "I couldn't feel tired. Not with the excitement building over what I had discovered."

That was 4 years ago. Andersson has parlayed his fame from discovering of the Sigmund Horde into national accolades, honorary professorship at the finest occult institutions, and personal wealth. The magic behind its discovery has yet to be explained. Recently, the Swedish government allowed the horde to go on a wolrdwide tour, allowing other institutions of alchemical science to study its metaphysical makeup.

So, What about this thing? I feel like it sound sliek it wants to be a news report, but I know I never explicitly made it into that. Should I just go all the way with out like that? Is that even a good idea? Should I fix it up to make it less of a newspaper article?

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