Saturday, January 16, 2010

The 2nd show and the X-Books

For those who want to listen, episode two is found here

The show went fine. Probably a bit too long, but considering Dusty is a radio noob and I'm a noob at being a lead host, I'd say we did fine. Comment on what needs to change in the show, besides the hosts, and then we'll have an idea on what to do for the future.

Nation X was a dissapointment. However, I don't think people were expecting much from it anyway. This month featured 4 stories in the anthology.

"Wish you were here" makes me wish I wasn't. I get it. Jubilee isn't a mutant anymore and she is sad and she feels she can't be accepted by her friends because she isn't a mutant. After she gets this acceptance from the young mutants on the team, she says she can't be with them. So she's preventing her own self from being happy. Kthnxbye.

"7.5" was the best story fo the bunch. John Barber picks out 2 figures from Grant Morrison's X-Men run and decides to do a story about them. One is an atypical Quentin Quire. The other is Martha, the brain the jar. Now, I only posit that this is atypical of Quentin only because his plan comes at you like a blunt force object. But considering hes doing this to engage in a game with a brain in the jar, subtlety isn't a necessity and it gets the story up and away in no time. What follows is a race against time as two physically handicapped beings match wits with the remainder of mutant kind hanging in the balance.

*sigh* "LDR"
I like Northstar. And far be it from me to talk about mischarcaterization of fictional beings, the last part of the Anthology being a prime example, I don't remember Northstar being this ditzy. Is that even the right word? He's definitly more in the range of being love sick/preoccupied with his love interest, and definitely panicky over the whole thing. Now, the qualifier here, Northstar is gay. He's been gay since 1992. This book will make sure you know he's gay. Now, I lived in quite possibly one of the gayest houses in Louisiana. The only straght guy with 4 other gay people, men and women, and they weren't as in your face as this story is. Its not obnoxious about the lifestyle, it just wants to constantly remind you, like a slow moving sugar cane truck. It is in front of you, you can't pass it by, and it is throwing wood in your face.

The last one is "Cajun Justice". It is a Gambit story. Once again hes torn over his horrible past and his devotion to his team. He just does not know is he can belong, etc. Then he does something to redeem his soul and show he is a good guy. Paint by numbers Gambit story.

The second book is Dark X-Men #3. I LOVE this book. No, wait, I <3 this book.First, it has Nate Grey, the X-Man in it. I've been waiting to get excited by X-Man since his Age of Apocalypse series. Plus, he has the pimpest jacket ever. Chris Sims already addressed that. Perhaps what I enjoy most is how I identify with the team. You have what can best be described as a group of 4 people that have to learn to get along becuase their boss, Norman Osborn, can't really be bothered with them anymore. He has more important things to worry about than his flagging X-Men team. So Mystique, the beleaguered leader, has to coordinate a semblance of teamwork from Weapon Omega and his addiction issues, the completely non team oriented, amoral, and analog to my personality Dark Beast, and the clinically depressed Mimic. Has no one else experienced this in the work place? You and your team of misfits: the sad guy, the lazy guy, and the hyper guy that breaks stuff, have to find your own niche in the office as you find yourself drifting from your boss' attention? This team is every corporate team/department in the country. It is Dilbert with nuclear weaons and spandex. Buy this.

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