Friday, January 22, 2010

Episode 3 and the News

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We had such a great time letting Fred van Lente and Greg Pak talk on the show that we could not address everything in the news that we wanted to. So here's an avalanche of the news we felt like sharing with the rest of the listenership.

First: The news for tonight, if you're curious to see our sources.

Now for the news we didn't cover.

Book publishers are taking a cue from the RIAA and blaming Pirates for the lack of books sales. Next, they'll go after libraries.

Need an audio copy of your last phone call? Talk to the FBI'll have a handy copy for you.

Google goes to war against China before the US ever would.

Androids move into China

The art of war is used a lot in business classes.

Brian Michael Bendis extends his evil empire.

Wait...Windows isn't secure?

Internet running out of room. Cyber space looks like a bachelor pad. Unkept, boxes everywhere, too much porn in plain sight.,1000000085,39994507,00.htm?tag=mncol;txt

Gamers aren't ugly, they just don't want girlfriends apparently.

FCC cant keep up with technology. Old experts retire and new experts aren't experienced enough.

New York Times to start charging for news over the Internet. What will the people do? Try reading the Popmedia Primecast blog.

AT&T 3G network needs 5B upgrade.

Rockband Network opens beta to public

Diary of a Wimpy Kid is like a comic, but more people read it than any actual comics

Zombies on the TV

Is Nintendo's cornering of the market on motion controllers threatened? That assumes you think Nointendo really developed a market for motion controllers.

Bill Gates is on Twitter for less time than the Primecast, and he's already lapped us :(

If you find video games a struggle, it may be because your brain is wired differently, like for social interaction.

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