Thursday, January 14, 2010

Contacting Authors and R.E.B.E.L.S. #12

I cannot tell a lie, 'tis I that does this

I need to mention Jeff from And Books Too, though, for clueing me in on how to properly contact an author, or any famous person. I was just doing what came naturally, trying to let my written charm do the talking for me. So far that has netted me:

1) Chris Sims, whom I may have promtly gotten pissed off at me due to my behavior on the show. Comment and let me know how I did.
2) A representative for SEGA of America to talk about Bayonetta.
3) Fred van Lente
4) Kind of a reveal, Brian Clevinger
5) Also, another potential reveal, Tom Tomorrow

More to come, but I can say that i understand the wariness of answering random messages from unknown emails. Thankfully, not everyone wear tin foil on their head like me or else we would never be able to put up this kind of murderers row of guests through the first month of the show.

However, I can say my outreach to potential guests does meet a 80%, or so, failure rate. There are many more messages that have elicited no response compared to messages that have one.

This situation shall be rectified.

Tony Bedard is another of these authors that I really want to have on the show, though. I didn't jump on REBELS because of the Blackest Night tie-ins. I hopped on board thanks to the REBELS Annual, with the secret origin of the new Starro the Conqueror. What got me to buy that annual was the backup previews in DC comics about a month before the book actualyl hit stands.

REBELS 12 does not dissapoint. I have not had the chance of knowing of Vril Dox prior to reading REBELS, but I am glad I'm gettign to know him now. I find it curious that I am taking an active interest in the affairs of DC space, as anyone who knows me can attest to my visceral hatred of space sci-fi, but I won't turn down good charcaters only because of the perils of the black void.

For real, though. Vril Dox is my kind of guy. I aspire to be this Inimical.

The Omega Men plot thread doe snothing for me, though. it feels too Deus ex machinan. I prefer Vril's plan of attack. It feels almost as machnie god like but at least its part of a risky gamble Dox is attempting to do, whereas the Omegas seems to be wandering around mildly aimlessly into their ultimate nullifying weapon.

It is a mild nit to pick, even if the aliens in the book do appear to be rather hairless and unable to acquire nits, anyway. But really, it like where it is going. The flow is smooth. The voices are developed. The characters are a unique cross of good, bastard, and unlikeable that it is interesting to see what could happen after the Starro story is finished, but, alas, it appears this book may be jettisoned into the void once the story is complete, as it is a low seller among DC's titles.

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