Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Firefox and Google : Dreams and Nightmare

Tangential ties to Haiti aside, Pat Robertson does mean something when he mentions deals with devils

I'm happy that it has taken what is essentially a free third party independent entity to show how to break the long forgotten nightmare scenario of total IE dominance predicted by the old master of Netscape Navigator. 25% of the market of internet browsers owned by Firefox is pretty good. However, as the article suggests, the features that set Firefox apart form IE is being copied and marginalized, in terms of individuality, by competitors such as Opera, Chrome, and increasingly, IE.

Of course, the article centers more on how the relationship has changed between Friefox and Google after Firefox gave them lots of money that Google probably used to help further develop Chrome.

Doctor Voodoo: Avenger of the Supernatural 3

On the same vein of Haiti, whoe Devils Pat Robertson alude to being, I assume, the Loa, we have Rick Remender's rebuttal. Haiti is helping to make sure the Unreal doesn't corrupt our world. If we want to address strange bedfellows and deals with the untrustworthy, too, this book certainly has its own examples.

I can only wish the High School motivational speakers I heard included grim warnings of Self Doubt causing the potential unraveling of the real world. I prefer to think my resolve is the extra weight upon which the world is raised above a harrowing abyss of insanity and callousness. If I just chose to step off the plank, I could send the world spiraling into chaos.

Anyway, how about a few claps for Dr. Doom, asserting himself not just in Black Panther this month, but in the fall of the Hulks series, a few upcoming guest spots in Siege,but also in this book as the Tyrant who ensures reality's existence in the face of unmitigated creativity allowed to flow to its worst entrophic extremes.

Doom certainly stands as a metaphor for control over the self.

By the way, those things I said yesterday about Rick Remender needing to just be given the same deal that DnA has with the Marvel Cosmis world? That still stands. Great book.

Brave and the Bold 31
I really hoped JMS would have told a good tale of the Atom having to team up with the Joker for something. Instead we got a pretty predictable story of the Atom having to choose whether or not to save the Joker and how if the Atom doesn't do what a hero does, he's no worse than the Joker. So he must help the Joker to show the Joker he's better than than the Joker.

JMS did a nice job crib noting The Dark Knight for why the Joker does what he does.

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