Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Final Comics Rundown

Amazing Spider-Man 617
Probably the best book I read last week. I don't know how good Joe Kelly has been since he left "Deadpool" many years ago, but he seems to be finding his sweet spot again after reading his last two issues of Spider-Man work.

It has some of those annoyances in there. The congenialty of the Robo-Rhino's creator is broken suddenly when she remarks on her own work, "...Damn. I'm Fantastic." Parker's co-worker/strumpet isn't much help either. I at to black her out of every page she appears in. Whats worse is she's comic relief in Spider-man's fight against Rhino. Repeating, SHE IS COMIC RELIEF IN A SPIDER-MAN FIGHT! Isn't that Spider-man's job? Doe she need the help? Luckily, though, those parts don't completely detract from a good story. I'm only worried at how long Robo-Rhino will continue to be the "real" Rhino or if Alexsei will eventually be Rhino again in some ret-con/non-acknowledgment of the events of Gauntlet in the coming years.

Strange 3
The world needs more Dr. Strange comics. However, he must be one of the hardest characters to nail down for a writer, only because it must be work to make the man entertaining at all. It seems as if his schtick is that nothing really surprises him and he has to eternally clean up someone else's mess. So, it presents you a case of a man who has no true character flaws. He's always in control. While that particular set up makes him great as Deus ex Machina in any story, as a lead character, it kind of makes him uninteresting because you know he'll pull it out in the end.

Invincible Iron Man 22
Exhibit B of the point above. Now Strange is in that comfortable Deus ex Machina role and he truly excels in it. It helps when Fraction's wit has a chance to show itself, without it feeling as if the characters are using forced speech. Maybe Dr. Strange just needs to have a team up book.

Oh yeah, reviews. Strange 3 is amusing. Strange knows it all, the girl doesn't, things get wacky. He'll have to clean it up in issue 4. In Iron Man, Tony Stark is just moving forward towards waking up to help in Siege.

Finally, a brief asid eont he state of Marvel's Supernatural line. They desperately need an event or somehting to put some attention to the books to give them a chance beyond issue 5. At least Captain Britain was able to pull 13 or so issues out of starting as a tie-in to "Secret Invasion" Ghost Rider essentially lives on as a network of Mini-series since the character's book never really interacted in any other parts of the Core Marvel Universe outside of World War Hulk. Doctor Voodoo got 5 issues out of relatively little fanfare to its creation. These books need something to make people want to buy them. Maybe the supernatural line of Marvel needs someone to run it like the cosmic line of titles is being run. A series of major events books built around two solid on-going titles. The ongoings become established during/after the major event titles publication, not before.

Stick Rick Remender on this. Tell him he has complete run of the Marvel Supernatural line, give him Ghost Rider, Strange, Brother Voodoo, Mephisto, Man Thing, Morbius, et al. and let him go to town on the thing.

Batman 695
I honestly can't say if anything memorable happened in this book.
Nope, just set up for the next. Batman is investigating who is in control of the false faces of Black Mask, Robin is being a douche.

RIDDLER ALERT! Oh man, we are at code green, for my cash leaving my pocket, because I <3 the Riddler

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