Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Attack of the China and Blackest Night

Some kudos to Google for taking a stand. However, the reasoning is a bit too selfish. They're not exactly too concerned with the actual plight of the offended oppressed Chinese more so than the fact the Chinese government is breaking into Google's house in order to do this.

I gues its like taking a stand against domestic violence because the noise is too loud. Its good that it is stopped, but the reasoning isn't quite up to the level one would like to consider moral.

Segueing into thousands of attacks against the righteous...

Secret 6 #17 finally weaves the black lanterns into the story which is fine. Still, the focus of everything is on the individual battles between the Six and the Squad, while the black lanterns are only on the outlier waiting to pick off the stragglers and weakened in the conflict. The best of the 3 books this week.

Power of Shazam #48 gets me caught up on the Shazam side of the DCU. Too bad we never got a chance to see more of zombie prince Osiris. Good glimpse and characterizations of the rings themselves. Second best of the three books.

Gotham City Sirens got renamed this week to Catwoman # 83 as the original Black Mask returns to menace Selena Kyle through her deranged sister. I really enjoy how Selena was able to deal with the tragedy of her sister by completely ignoring her in the mental institution. Great momemt of characterization. I can't believe I actually find Harley to be the more likeable of the whole group. And I demand more Riddler. Worst of the 3 books, but still enjoyable in its own right if you do want to see the women of gotham city violate the dead.

At least none of the women in this book showed up as the emotion of "love" like it seems 90% of them do in the rest of the DCU. That puts them int he category of rageful Mera and @^#%$ Dove.

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