Sunday, January 10, 2010

Deadpool Team Up #3

Deadpool Team has potential. Deadpool is a true neutral character who can team up with Captain America or The Mole Man. The multiple voices inside his head has potential for new story/plot hooks. Issue 1 was a great example of that use. this issue also has a novel use of 'Pool's schizophrenia. Throw in two flaming skeletons in Ghost Rider and Ghoster(?) Rider (I didn't have the chance to read Jason Aaron's run on Ghost Rider or Ghost Rider's latest mini series) attacking a circus freak town in Florida to stop a demonic infestation of the most physically maligned of our society and it should be a good romp. However, the comedy falls flat like Joe Buck doing standup. The book doesn't, and shouldn't, take itself seriously. But when that lack of seriousness is coupled with a lack of actual comedy then you end up with a story flatter than Matzo, and just as bland.

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